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The Making of an Illuminated Manuscript

Lucas Tucker

First the the parchment is cut, guidelines and margins are marked (drawn with a lead stylus or pressed in with a bronzed stylus or penned with brazilwood ink)


It is now a completed page, here is an image showing the detail of the historiated initial. The entire page is 9x11 inches, which is quite large for a historic manuscript.

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Making Iron Gall Ink - In Pictures!

Lucas Tucker

Well, let’s go through this a step at a time.

You need to gather all of your materials, to get oak galls, iron(II) sulfate, and gum Arabic, I recommend buying the iron gall ink making kit from us.


Stir this all together thoroughly and you have made ink. I like to filter it once more through the filter cloth after I have made the ink to get any large clumps out. (this part is extremely messy and not entirely necessary, but it helps smooth out the ink concistency)

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