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SWS Team 

Our Family

Scribal (pronounced skry-ball, not scribble) Work Shop is a family owned business specializing in several products and services related to historic writing, art, calligraphy, and illumination; to which we add the modern fountain pen inks designed by Lucas Tucker, head of Scribal Work Shop. We started as a company in 2011 and debuted at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in the spring of 2012. Below you can learn a little more about our family.



Scribe and Chemist

An early lover of calligraphy, Lucas began practicing calligraphy at age ten.  He became interested in medieval and renaissance era calligraphy and illumination styles sometime later, and began learning about the methods used during those eras to produce the illuminated manuscripts we have today.  

Lucas also discovered a passion for chemistry, he began using his growing knowledge of chemistry to inform his research into the materials and tools that had been used to create medieval and renaissance illuminated manuscripts, and eventually, to begin creating his own historically accurate calligraphy and illumination materials.  Beginning with ink, Lucas eventually expanded the materials he produced to include many things from animal skin parchment to historic paints and pigments – even taking up blacksmithing in order to learn how to make a scribe’s knife accurate to the medieval and renaissance eras, all for the sake of being able to create his own illuminated manuscripts with historic accuracy.

To these passions Lucas adds a love of teaching and showmanship, he tends to be the “Face” of the company.



Chief Whatever Officer

Dorcas, AKA Mom/Grandma, does everything, as much as Lucas is the face of the company, Dorcas is the woman who keeps everything running. Online customer service, shipping, scroll making, bottling ink, journal making, plant care, childcare, accounting, construction, costuming, she does it all.

Dorcas has always had a passion for handmade goods and is skilled in a myriad number of skills. If you are communicating online, there is a good chance you are talking to her.

Bethany 2019.jpg


Chief Cook and Bottlewasher

This title isn’t a tongue-in-cheek way of saying she is the boss, but to say that she actually is in charge of cooking and washing the bottles. Bethany is Lucas’ wife and helps by making many of the quills we sell and helps with other production, shipping, construction, and shipping tasks as is needed.

She is also one of the primary sales people that you will find at shows and renaissance festivals.

“It never hurts to have a cute shopgirl,” -Lucas



Bladesmith and Craftsman

Shane is the mastermind, designer, and bladesmith who handforges and creates every knife that we sell. He made his first knife when he was 12 years old has talked about the idea of making knives for much of his life. He started bladesmithing every week in 2017.

He is also the main woodworker and craftsman. He produces the majority of the dip pens, fountain pens, inkwells, and wax tablets that we offer, as well as making various items that we use to display products.



Construction and Customer Service

David, AKA Dad/Grandpa, is the go to man for construction. If there was a building to be built, a roof to be repaired, an addition to be constructed, a table to be made he probably did most of the work. His willingness and ability to work has been one of many things that has made our company stay afloat.

He also has a passion for customer service and helping people find the right tools and materials for them at our in-person events.