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Our Products and Process

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Inspired by History


Every product that we sell is made in house by our family. Starting from raw materials, we design and build, formulate and bottle, mold and cast, all in house. Everything we make is inspired by the past. Our process demands that each product is researched, designed, and tested before we release them to our customers, But more than that, each product is handmade and has it’s own history and background.


Truly Historical Works of Art

Whether it is our illuminated manuscripts, knives made to historic specifications, or custom woodwork, we strive to produce a line of products and custom work that are truly made using historic examples



Handmade in Texas

Each of our products is handmade in Texas by our family. Our policy is that if we don’t make it, we don’t sell it. This means we spend a lot of time producing and designing our products, giving you a unique item every time.

Unique Tools and Materials

We love to make things, and so we love to make things that help other people make things! We specialize in tools and materials that you can’t find anywhere else. From our historic inks and paints, to our knives and pens, we strive to make products help help you enjoy every part of your creation process.