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How to Use A Wax Tablet

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How to Use A Wax Tablet

Lucas Tucker

How do you Use a wax tablet? Well, let me answer that with – Pictures!

First, open your wax tablet and get out your stylus (wood or metal), thusly.


Then, take up your stylus in your hand, pointy end facing out, like so.


And, pressing down with an even pressure, write on the wax. Keep in mind that it does take some practice to find a comfortable median between too much and too little pressure when writing on a wax tablet. Experiment until you discover what suites you best.


Ta-da! You have a wax tablet with writing on it! Look at how happy our little wax tablet man is! (He doesn’t know what’s coming next.)


Now for erasing. Flip your stylus over, so you are holding the flat end where you were holding the pointy end. You want to hold it like this.


Then, holding the flat end of the stylus at about a 20-25 degree angle to the surface of your wax tablet, draw the stylus across the wax in ONE continuous direction while also pressing down on the stylus. Begin at one end of the tablet (I start with the top), and draw the stylus across the wax to the other end of the tablet, pressing down continuously all the while. Repeat this process across the wax multiple times until the surface is smooth enough to write on again.

Starting the erasing process...


Most of his head is gone now…


Mostly done…..


And finished


Now, it is true that even after you have erased it your wax tablet will not look as pretty as it did when freshly poured, but it is still quite functional.

So there you have it. Some ideas for how you could use a wax tablet today, and how to go about using one. Wax tablets.